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Discover my adventurous journey! In my Blog, you can learn about my Seven Summits stories. An incredible journey, that took me around the globe.

I will also give you insight into my climbs in the Alps or of other 8000 m peak expeditions. Dive into the wonderful world of climbing and get useful tips and tricks about routes, equipment and preparation.

I am excited to share this with you! Adventure is waving at you! 


Kilimanjaro – 7 Summits

Helicopter on Carstensz

Carstensz Pyramid – 7 Summits

Lothse Summiter

Lhotse Part III: Summit success

Mont Blanc View

Mont Blanc Part I: Acclimatization

Sunset over Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Part II: Les Trois Monts

Base Camp Vinson

Mount Vinson – 7 Summits


Cerro Aconcagua – 7 Summits

Everest and Himalaya View

Lhotse Part I

Mount Ebrus Camp

Mount Elbrus – 7 Summits


Denali (prev. McKinley) – 7 Summits

Mount Everest

Mount Everest – 7 Summits

Overview down Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Part III: Traversing

Mountaineers on cliff

Lhotse Part II: Summit Push