Carstensz Pyramid – 7 Summits


Carstensz pyramid also called Puncak Jaya is 4,884 m (16,024 feet). It is the highest mountain peak in Oceania.

The now-highest Carstensz Pyramid summit was not climbed until 1962, by an expedition led by the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer (of Seven Years in Tibet fame, and climber of the Eiger North Face).

The standard route to climb the peak from its base camp is up the north face and along the summit ridge, which is all hard rock surface.The standard route to access base camp is to fly into the nearest major town with an airport, Timika, and then take a helicopter to Base Camp.


Puncak Jaya is one of the more demanding climbs of the Seven Summits, despite having the lowest elevation. It is held to have the highest technical rating.

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