Lhotse Part III: Summit success

It was the first time I am on a such narrow summit. It doesn’t have any plateau and there is barely space for more than four people who will almost stick to each other.

Death in the Death Zone

I tried to focus and pass the dead body also called “Lhotse mummy”. The rope went between his legs, so it’s impossible to pass by him without touching a part of his body. What was his story? What happened? Does he have family? All those questions went through my mind for the few minutes after this acquittance. Finally, I made it to the summit. It was very windy, but we had a wonderful view of the Everest and its massif. The best view of Everest is known to be from the Lhotse summit. My climbing mate Fahad Badar joined shortly and the whole team is now standing on the top!

The last steep climb before summit

The Descent

After few minutes on the summit, we started our descent to Camp 2. We made our way down quickly to Lhotse Couloir looking for some shelter from the strong wind. The view facing us after Lhotse Couloir was spectacular. Everest, his majesty is standing there like a King! In Lhotse Camp 4, we picked up our stuff we stored in the morning. There was a huge traffic; hundreds of climbers and Sherpas. The Lhotse face had now such large steps, that we just did some arm wrapping on the rope to go down instead of repelling. We made it finally to Camp 2 around 4 pm. What a great experience the Everest/Lhotse combo!

Happy to descend to Camp 2

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