Lhotse Part II: Summit Push

Climbing Lhotse is more technical than Everest. The Lhotse couloir is steep and dangerous because of the frequent rockfall. Though I enjoyed every moment of this climb.

Lonely climb

We were the only team going up from Lhotse Camp 4. It was only few hours later, that we met some handful climbers on their way up to the summit. On the other side could see a line of lights reflected through the headlamps of climbers on their way up to the Everest summit. This looked magical. This made me think of the day before, when I summited Everest. This is the line of individuals from all over the world sharing the same dream of standing on the top of the world.
The sun coming up revealed another spectacular view of Everest. It’s a majesty with such charisma. 

For few hours the sky covered the upper part of Lhotse

Scary climb

We went up in a slow and steady pace. The big part of the climb goes through a narrow couloir called “Reiss couloir”. Every now and then when the wind picked up, we had some rockfall. It became more severe as we went higher up when climbers, who summited were descending. 
Then we had to climb a steep rocky section. 30 meters below the summit, I saw something colorful not moving just ahead of us. This was the corpus of a Czech climber, who died of a heart attack 7 years ago. He was just there, well conserved with a big smile and nice teeth. He looked more like a model in a shop, than a dead body. 

Once the clouds disappeared, the view of Everest on our backs was breathtaking

Lhotse Part III coming soon!

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