Lothse Summiter

Mountaineer Mariam Ktiri

Climber & Outdoor Enthusiast

I was born in Morocco, a beautiful country in North Africa. Morocco is famous not only for its fascinating oriental flair, but also for its geographical diversity. Besides the beautiful beaches and magnificent dunes, Morocco has also mountains. Who doesn’t know the famous Atlas mountain range and its highest peak, Mount Toubkal with its 4.198 meters?

I went to school in Casablanca, a metropolis of more than 7 million inhabitants. It’s the vibrating heart of Morocco. Growing up there made me dream big and realize how would I become in the future.

I was not really a calm child like many parents wanted their children to be. I didn’t stick to the common social rules foreseeing a girl to play with dolls, to do house chores and to help in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this drove especially my mother mad at me. I really loved climbing trees, riding my bike like crazy and making wood fire. Every time the weather was warm, I always setup a tent in our house garden, and that became my home for most of the time. I was already pretty much outdoor-oriented since I was a kid.

I guess I got this taste of adventure from my father, who loved taking me on long walks as we were on holidays. We used to go hiking for hours to discover the surrounding villages and the breathtaking green hills and valleys. We used to make stops when he explained to us the plants and some geographical facts.

My father also taught me yoga. I even learned the headstand at the age of 5 before learning to read. Flexible right? It seems that I was already adventurous and energetic way back then. I guess, I was born to travel and conquer the world. Now, I am living in my dream, to take of a lot of adventures, witness the beauty of nature and meet a lot of people having the same vision as mine.

In addition, I grew up bilingual and that’s because of my parents’ influence, between a father talking in French and a mother in Arabic. I discovered the advantage of excelling in several languages early. Later on, I learned English. As I decided to go studying in Germany, I began learning also German.





Moving to Europe

After High School, I studied English language and literature for two years before leaving for Germany. There, I studied Business Administration at the University of Augsburg, which is located in the south of Germany. After graduating, I did a trilingual Master in International Relations and European Studies in Berlin and Nice. Those years of studies taught me to be independent and gutsy. After graduation, I settled in the south part of Germany called Bavaria. It is where I felt in love with alpine climbing. Initially, I was into hiking through picturesque of Bavarian villages. I was not contented with that and confidence boosted me to think of a greater adventure. Soon, I sought a bigger challenge, and that’s how The Seven Summits Project was born.

Mariam Ktiri

Place of Birth

Casablanca, Morocco


Bern, Switzerland


English Studies, Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco
Business Administration and Management, University of Augsburg, Germany
Master in International Relations and European Studies, Institut Européen des Hautes Études Internationales (IEHEI) in Berlin, Germany and Nice, France

Qualifications, Certificates & Licenses

PADI Open Water Diver
Certified Skipper (Sportküstenschifferschein), equivalent to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence
Short Range Certificate (SRC)

7 Summits Challenge and 2×8000 m. peaks in One Year

“The only woman in the world to have made this achievement”.

The Seven Summits refers to a challenge that foresees climbing the highest peaks of every continent. For the Seven Summits in general, I was inspired by fellow climbers who have gone to summits like Kilimanjaro.

Normally, it takes several years to finish the challenge, but I decided to push it to the limit. I trained physically, strengthen my mental health, and because of these training, I discovered new capacities in myself. It was tough, very tough. Still, I have to say, that this was not a decision to be made overnight because of many factors including physical condition, preparation and time. Not to mention all the risks related to this challenge like high altitude, risk of injuries, accidents, etc., and of course, the financial aspect. So, it took many years to get all prerequisites before starting this journey in May 2018. It’s when I headed to Alaska to start my first challenge “Denali”. End of May 2019, I came back from the last expedition, the Everest, after having finished successfully this incredible project and added to it climbing Lhotse in one push with Everest.

It was a very tough journey, physically but more mentally. I had to function a whole year long. The breaks between the summits were short. I trained my body and my mind to recover and rest in such a short period of time, that I was able to go from an expedition the other without a break. I tackled for instance Aconcagua immediately after Vinson.

Truly, these adventures are worth remembering for. I became prouder of myself. Who would imagine that a daughter born on the see side of Morocco, is now conquering the highest peaks, but also the world. An experience that one can never forget.

Check out the 7 Summits to learn more about this project. Be inspired and be motivated. I did it. I know you can too.